I came here before Thanksgiving break for a toothache. I walked in and the nice lady at the front desk gave me some papers to fill out. I turned in the papers and five minutes later I was having my teeth looked at. The dentist and her assistants we great help and very easy going. Great place for great quick service.
Most dentists double-book. While one pt. is being numbed, having Xrays,   or other work done by assistants, the dentist is drilling another. Otherwise, you would pay even more for service. I have used Dr. Sheetal & found her very fair w/ non-insurance pts. She has seen me for brief visits @ no charge, done an x-ray @ no charge, & even wrote to a specialist dentist to help me get a refund for some unnecessary work. She’ll return yr calls also after hrs, unlike other dentists. She speaks Spanish & works w/ everyone. So her generosity & open-door policy may put extra demands on her time on occasion. You ‘ll get a competent, caring dentist not out to nickel & dime you in Dr. Sheetal.
Dr. Sheetal has made a couple of dental treatments on me. I’m very satisfied with my work, Dr has done an awesome job and I have no complaints. I definitely recommend Dr. Gokhale who needs dental work to be done.
I am visiting a dentist after 5 years, I had been referred to Dr.Sheetal by one of my colleagues. I had a broken tooth and was kind of infected, I went to meet the doctor because I couldn’t bear the pain. The Staff in the office was very polite and professional, I had to fill out some forms and then there was an X-ray taken, based on that we decided to take out the damaged tooth, First I had to get the cleaning done and then took some antibiotics. I had to come back after 4 days to remove the tooth. The Doctor removed the tooth and I was really comfortable the way she did it. She was very professional and was checking with me whether I was okay or was it pain during the process of removal. I am satisfied with the overall services I got from Dr.Sheetal and her staff. I would recommend her to my friends.